My promise

Wherever possible I will do my best to reduce my impact on the environment. 

My Cushions are all made from natural materials and any waste produced from making them is composted. The covers and inners are all made from natural materials and can be composted at the 'end of use'. I try to be as near to zero waste as possible with all my production and sales . 

I do not use wool from countries that support Mulesing of sheep. 

At my shows I only use paper bags for customers to carry their purchases home, and greetings cards are supplied in compostable Cello bags (some older stock still has the older style cello bag). Where needed I use compostable bubble wrap if it has to be new, or I recycle old bubble wrap so that it can be used again. Cardboard is all recycled. Sadly postal bags still have to be the strong plastic postal bags to protect the stock but I am looking for a suitable alternative.

I try to stay onsite at shows to reduce the emissions from the daily commute.